52 Tools: RDCMan 2.7

This week's 52 Tools post is about RCDMan, a tool created in 2010 by Microsoft and recently updated in November 2014 (H/T Dan Usher).

I use Remote Desktop a lot. In fact, I'm usually on 3-5 servers most days all day, comparing and checking configuration, updating installer packages and writing code. My main development environment is in a VM, although I use the updated Virtual Machine Connection application for that so I don't have to mess with network settings.

Update: It looks like 2.7 can do VM connections too, although I didn't have any luck getting it to actually work.

Anyway, I had been using version 2.2 (published in 2010) up until I posted this review, so I haven't had much time to tinker with the updated version. But based on the longevity of the 2010 version, I expect it to be great.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager 2.7

It lets you connect to many different remote desktop sessions, and inherit permissions from a server group. That's nice for connecting to multiple servers on the same domain -- if the password changes you just change it on the server group.