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52 Tools: WebSequenceDiagrams

WebSequenceDiagrams is a site for generating UML sequence diagrams using a mini scripting language.

For example, this:

participant Sync\nService as SS  
participant Authorization\nService as AS  
participant Resource\nService as RS

activate SS  
activate AS  
SS->+AS: [1] Request Authorization with X.509 Certificate  
AS-->-SS: [2] Return Token  
deactivate AS

SS->+RS: [3] Request encrypted data using token  
RS-->-SS: [4] Return encrypted data

deactivate SS  

Gives you this:

Super cool, and no silly Visio hijinks like this one (Animated GIF):

52 Tools: Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager is another entry in what's turned out to be a series of remote desktop management tools. This type of tool is proving critical for me to be able to maintain multiple lab and testing environments, which is becoming more of a priority as Hubstream grows.

The winner in this fight (for now) is Remote Desktop Manager, a paid product ($99 US) that does some new things compared to RDCman and mRemoteNG:

  1. Integrates with password manager tools (standalone encrypted files as well as onlin services). We have a need as a team to share credentials to various web sites, services and remote desktop sessions. By keeping that process separate from the RDP list, we don't have to keep two separate credentials lists such as if we used RDCMan exclusively. The flexibility in this area gives me some confidence that if we change password management suites, I can keep my connection database and remap the credentials.

  2. Scales awesomely at different resolutions, multi-monitor, etc. This one is great at even if I switch to a smaller monitor, the screen resizes in a usable way. If I reconnect, I get that monitor's native resolution.

  3. Lets you encrypt and password protect the connections database. This makes me slightly more confident storing the file on shared cloud storage. In the next version, there will be two-factor authentication for which I'm hoping to use my YubiKey.

52 Tools: mRemoteNG

mRemoteNG is a multi-remote desktop client that works on High DPI monitors and across different screen resolutions. This is a must-have feature for which RDCMan fails horribly.

52 Tools: Animated GIF product images with LICECap

I'm posting this one because I can never remember the name even though I have it installed :)

It works well for capturing an area of the screen as an animated GIF.

LICEcap demo

52 Tools: Azure Commander

Azure Commander is a universal app for Windows and Windows Phone.

I use this when I want to start and stop an Azure VM. It's saves me several minutes over going to the Azure management portal.